Sunday, July 6, 2008

a new favorite

I'm not the first person to write about the suckitude that is Aveda Rosemary Mint conditioner. I'm a huge fan of the shampoo, and since I'm partial to product matching, I purchased the conditioner as well. Sadly, it did not deliver. Not even in the scent department (which is my favorite feature of the shampoo). However, I had to finish the bottle before I'd allow myself to pick up a new conditioner. When I finally ran out, I was excited to try something new.

While scanning the 'grey market' section at my local drugstore, my eyes stumbled upon the gold bottles that make up Sally Hershberger's Normal to Thick Hair Collection. I was already a fan of Hershberger's awesome Shagg Spray, and curious to try out her other products. However, I was a bit confused by this product's classification. Hershberger has lines for normal to thick hair and normal to thin hair. Was the name referring to individual strands of hair (fine vs. coarse) or the amount of hair on one's head (thick vs. thin)? I settled on the latter, and picked up the conditioner to try out on my fine thick hair.

What amazed me right away about this product was its detangling capabilities. I'm currently growing my hair out, so it's not quite to my shoulders, but it still manages to form severe tangles whenever it gets wet. Immediately after applying this conditioner, I could easily comb my fingers through my wet hair with nary a snag. I'm guessing that's why this product is specifically for thick hair. I had to use very little to coat all of my hair, and it rinsed out easily. After blow drying, my hair was incredibly soft, hydrated and tangle-free, without any trace of residue. Plus, it's safe for color-treated hair. Maybe my expectations were a little low after my last conditioner, but this might qualify as my favorite conditioner of all time.

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