Monday, July 7, 2008

the untouchables

I know I'm not the only person who has this problem. Whenever I purchase a beautifully packaged limited-edition product, it breaks my heart a little to actually use it. There's something about that pristine palette of eye shadows or that perfect unused tube of lipstick that makes me want to store them in a glass case and only take them out for special occasions. But as my mom says, there's no use in owning good china or crystal if you don't make good use of it. I know I just need to get over myself and enjoy these lovely goodies. So in the interest of beauty therapy, I thought I'd share a few of the products that have been practically off-limits for me.

Lancôme Destiny Cube and Baume Baiser: From Lancôme's fall 2007 collection Mystery Game (created by Gucci Westman and inspired by Murder on the Orient Express), the beautiful Destiny Cube is an octagonal aubergine die decorated with gold words and symbols. A roll of this little compact could land you on 'coquette,' 'secrete,' a rose or a star. Housed inside my "Charisma" version are two mirrors, two shadows in lavender and dark brown, and two sheer glosses in deep rose and pale pink. Although I've seen similar colors of shadow and gloss for sale (thus negating my fear of running through a once-in-a-lifetime color), the packaging itself begs for me to leave this in its original pristine state. I can't bear to picture it covered in broken powder or smeared gloss, and I can imagine myself detailing it with a wet nap after each use.

The Baume Baiser (also from Mystery Game) is unlike any balm or gloss I've ever used. The texture is similar to Vincent Longo's Water Canvas Blush. It's soft and springy, with a perplexing structural integrity. Since the product is dome-shaped, it can be applied directly from the pot to the lips, without fingers or a brush. It's not the most hydrating (I apply it after lip balm), but I love the sheer pink shade and marshmallow flavor. Since I've never seen anything like this, I fear that this product is truly one of a kind.

Bobbi Brown Violet Face Palette: Ironically, this was one of Bobbi Brown's more poorly received palettes. Best known for her wearable neutrals, Brown's foray into romantic violets and lavenders frustrated many beauty critics. Many reviews stated that the shades weren't wearable (especially the thistle cheek color), but I immediately fell in love with the entire concept. Very dying-of-consumption chic.

Despite my aching desire to recreate these romantic looks from Thakoon's Spring 2008 runway show, I've barely played with these colors. They look so perfect in their smooth black case, and I've only occasionally swirled a blush brush across the surface of the four delicate powders. And smudging the surface of the lip glosses seems like a crime. Plus, every time I pick up this palette, I experience a horrible flash of dropping it onto the bathroom floor and watching the perfect pans of powder shatter across the tile. Call it beauty pre-traumatic stress disorder. I may sound crazy, but if you'd dropped as many palettes as I have, you'd be paranoid too.

Lancôme Pout-a-Porter Lipstick in P.S. Kiss: Man, I miss Gucci Westman. The former Artistic Director of Lancôme developed this limited-edition shade for Peter Som's Fall 2007 runway show. While it resembles more of a brick red in the tube, on my lips it's more of a deep wine (though, if applied lightly, it's capable of creating a more wearable, classic red). I've only allowed myself to wear this lipstick twice, and it's an absolute shame that I'm keeping it locked up in my make-up case between the other two Pout-a-Porter lipsticks in my possession (Thakoon's Pixel Pink and Proenza Pink. Sadly, no Behnaz). Come autumn, I promise to give this gorgeous lip color some well-deserved nights on the town.

Tom Ford Estée Lauder Collection Azurée Soleil Body Oil Spray: This is a perfect summer body oil, great to spritz on damp skin. However, due to my anxiety about running out, I've only used this product twice since the warm weather settled in. It reflects the sunlight on my bathroom shelf where it sits between L'Occitane Almond Milk Concentrate and Amande Supple Skin Oil, patiently waiting its turn to be used. It's just so hard to justify dipping into my minimal reserves of this tropically scented product, when I have a tall bottle of Neutrogena Body Oil that I buy at the drugstore for $9.99. It's all about priorities, which is why I'll still probably have half a bottle left five summers from now.

Marc Jacobs Splash in Rain, Violet, Cucumber and Pear: These Jean Naté-inspired scents come in generous 10-ounce, thick glass bottles. But since splashes are meant to be applied liberally, I fear that they won't last me long. I've chosen to use the spray pump included with each bottle, as opposed to splashing this straight onto my skin, in the hopes that it will reduce how much of the scent I use at a time. Nonetheless, I find myself choosing other perfumes over these delicate fragrances to make them last as long as possible. Fortunately, I don't have to do the same with the Rain-esque Home fragrance spray, since Mr. Jacobs has opted to keep this item permanently in stock. If only he'd consider doing the same for my favorite splashes. Sigh.


T said...

Hey! The Tom Ford/Estee Lauder body oil is discontinued and I was totally in the same postion as you....I have a bottle and I refused to use it. But Estee Lauder's Bronze Goddess Body Oil, Body Lotion and Perfume have the same exact scent as the Tom Ford and are use it up all you want. :)

a tiny machine said...

really? that is such a relief. i'll need to pick up a bottle stat. thanks for the tip!

michelle said...

Wow, so nice to meet a fellow nutcase-haha!! My best friend an I are the only ones we know of that have to buy at least two of everything- in case they quit making it!! People think we are nuts!! I have a helpful suggestion for ya...look on E-Bay. When MAC discontinued my lipliner, I got a DOZEN off E-Bay. My friend ran an bought up all the Fafi lipsticks all over our mall, but is so terrified of running out-she is scouring E-Bay. Once we actually ordered a GROSS (yes 144) of a lipstick from the manufacturer!! Haha! So, what I'm saying is "I feel for ya!". Ha! Ha!