Friday, July 18, 2008

please please please be good

Rumors of a Watchmen movie have been circulating for years, and no matter what writers and directors were attached, the idea always filled me with dread. As the most acclaimed comic book series of all time, the idea of anyone attempting to adapt this masterpiece made me sick to my stomach. But when I started hearing some of director Zack Snyder's statement about the project, I actually allowed myself to hope that this movie wouldn't be a total abomination. Watchmen creator Alan Moore has been opposed to a film adaptation from the beginning, so I actually feel a little guilty about allowing myself to get excited about this movie. I feel like such a fangirl traitor. But the casting is spot-on, the visuals are gorgeous, and Snyder is such a devoted fan that I'm optimistic he'll give the source material his due diligence. To learn more about the Watchmen movie, check out this article at Entertainment Weekly. And definitely take two minutes to watch the trailer. I love that they chose not to explain the background of the story with some cheesy voice over, and the choice of Smashing Pumpkins "The Beginning Is the End Is the Beginning" is inspired.

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