Wednesday, July 23, 2008

we need to get lisa cant a better gig

I adore Lisa Cant. She's got that Trish Goff thing going on, where she's sweet, feminine and cute as a button, while never seeming boring or cookie cutter pretty. It's like someone fused a china doll with a Gilmore Girl. She's had some decent runway success and is practically a muse to Behnaz Sarafpour, but man, her ad campaigns are lacking. Clarification: I don't mean that her performance is lacking, just that I find that the campaigns themselves leave little to be desired. Ugh, if I see her in one more Juicy Couture Fragrance or Couture Couture ad, I'll start crying. Such a waste. Someone put this girl in a high profile beauty campaign, stat! Are you listening Bobbi Brown? Look at how cute she was for MAC.

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florence said...

i love lisa cant as well! tho my ultimate fave is doutzen kroes <3