Monday, July 14, 2008

color me unfazed

I couldn't care less about the scandal of lead in lipstick. Of all the things to freak out about, this is at the very bottom of my list. There's barely any lead in lipstick, and I suspect that we ingest far less of it than some studies would have us believe. Apparently, one can consume four pounds of lipstick in a lifetime (that is, if one wears it every single day, which I do not), but come on. Even if that's accurate, it's over a LIFETIME. Besides, I'd happily eat twelve pounds of lipstick in my lifetime if it meant I could look as put-together as Dita Von Teese on a daily basis. It's not crack, people. Until I start compulsively eating lipstick by the tube, I won't be concerned about lead ingestion from my Dior Addict "Positive Red."

Although, maybe it was the lead in his red lippie that put the Joker over the edge. Perhaps there is cause for concern.

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