Wednesday, July 2, 2008

for your consideration

Dear Sci Fi Channel,

We've had our ups (Battlestar Galactica, Star Trek: TNG marathons), and we've had our downs (Rock Monster), but I think of you as family. And as family, it is my responsibility to be honest with you when I believe you are making a mistake. As much as I love the ridiculous disaster that is Ghost Whisperer, perhaps instead of picking up that Friday night crapfest's reruns, you should reconsider The Amazing Screw-On Head. From the great mind of Mike Mignola, and featuring the voice talents of Paul Giamatti, David Hyde Pierce and Molly Shannon, this series is begging for a second chance. I know you passed up on it the first time around, but this is not the time to be proud. It's time to own up and admit that you made a terrible mistake. And hey, Mignola's getting a lot of press from Hellboy, so you can just latch onto his buzz for the re-boot. This series has robots, zombies and Abraham Lincoln, everything a nerd could need to watch happily ever after. Please, just watch the trailer one more time. I'm confident you'll see the error of your ways.

a tiny machine

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