Sunday, July 6, 2008

christmas in july

Dear Santa,

I know it's early, but considering the magnitude of what I'm about to ask, I thought I should provide adequate notice. There are a lot of things I'd love to get for Christmas. Aircraft flight lessons (my mom got her pilot's license at my age), helicopter flight training, rare comic books, a classic Honda motorcycle, but this one takes the cake. What I really want for Christmas is a Deep Flight Super Falcon. I know I live in relatively land-locked Minnesota, but for this personal submersible, I'd happily relocate to the coast. At approximately $2 million, this two-seater submarine is a bargain. That's only $1 million per passenger! This naturally buoyant machine is 21 feet long with a 10-foot wingspan, with with acrylic dome bubble-tops providing pilot and co-pilot with a full view of their surroundings. Plus, flight school in the Caribbean is a mere $17,000. I'll be on my best behavior, and I promise to use my Super Falcon for good, not evil. Think about it.

Determined to be on the 'nice list,'

a tiny machine

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